Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

You may think electronic bugs or devices are things you see in films or on a TV series in relation to industrial espionage, intended to steal company information or secrets relating to a new product the competition are about to launch, all of which for some kind of financial gain or to stay a step ahead. You may be surprised to learn that financial gain is not the only reason bugs are planted:

We see increased activity in bug planting, often by family members, or partners, just to be able to monitor activities or gain information. Have you ever wondered how your partner seems to know your whereabouts or what plans you have made? You may think you are involved in a typical conversation whereby you are being asked normal style questions, but unwittingly you are being steered to corroborate a piece of information.

Our team have the experience required to sweep for devices, giving you peace of mind that what you say and do within your own private space remains exactly that – private.

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