Matrimonial & Infidelity

Matrimonial & Infidelity

You may have suspected for a while, your partner may be acting differently, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it. You may even have limited evidence and just need confirmation of your suspicions.The questions below may help you kick start the process of deciding whether you need a private investigator in your search for confirmation or evidence. Though this is not an exhaustive list and Individually, partner actions could well be completely innocent ask yourself:

    • Is your partner spending more time away from home, often at short notice, for unusual or unexplainable periods?
    • Do they seem to be working late more often, returning home smelling of an unfamiliar fragrance?
    • Are there any noticeable communication changes, such as locking their phone or, not leaving their phone visible whilst you are around?
    • Turning off alerts or keeping the volume down. Constantly texting or receiving messages from the same number?
    • Making an excuse to leave the room after receiving a phone message and taking the phone with them?
    • Call or location history cleared. Unusual or unidentified contacts?
    • They no longer answer their phone when you are present?
    • Is there a change of personal habits or routine – exercising, shopping for clothes, increased attention to their appearance, eating different foods?
    • Happy to stay up alone?
    • Clear browsing history on a shared computer or rush to change what they have en viewing on screen?
    • Much reduced interest in being romantic with you?
    • Have they changed their social media profile or even taken up a new account?
    • Using a whole raft of new reasons not to spend time with you, even for simple household tasks, to avoid any confrontation from direct questions?
    • Have you tried to confront them and they continue to be evasive?
    • In a new relationship, is a partner not all they seem to be? Is there an existing partner and perhaps a child or children behind the scene?be

Detailed reports of our investigations are part of the solution we can provide.

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