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Employee Checks

Do you need to run checks on prospective employees?
Who is responsible for ensuring an applicant has the right to work in the UK? You could face a civil penalty if you have not carried out the correct checks.
Which consents are required from a potential and a successful candidate in order to be Data Protection Act compliant?

Online Harassment & Stalking


Is one of your clients or a member of staff the target of online harassment?

Online harassment can start at anytime, and sometimes even without the recipient knowing. If you are concerned with malicious harassment or suspicious behaviour online then we can help. If you are being stalked or are being threatened online then maybe we can discover who is behind those anonymous messages.

Process Serve

Do you have a requirement for any of the myriad of different types of process serve?

We can accommodate document collection, filing court papers and the serving of legal documents.
Working on behalf of private and corporate clients together with the legal profession, we present a professional offering, observing compliance requirements whilst remaining tenacious in order to complete the service.


Surveillance, electronic techniques or feet on the ground? Your trace need could be in relation to a person, animal, equipment or possession. We have access to various types of skilled teams to meet your requirements.

Witness Statements

We support companies, including insurance and the legal profession to obtain a variety of witness statements which may be required in in civil or criminal proceedings.
Witnessing an accident or an incident can be daunting enough for the observer. Obtaining a record truth and facts about what really happened takes the correct approach and questioning techniques right from the start.

Insurance Fraud

It is estimated that UK insurance fraud costs around £1.3 Billion each year with one scam every minute and causes a 5% increase in premiums. Scams can include staged motor accidents, alleged loss of property, personal injury and injury at work.
If you suspect a fraudulent claim within your business or, you may work on behalf of an insurance company that needs assistance from our team, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre-Sue Checking

Does it make commercial sense to pursue the debtor? Establishing a subject’s assets and pre-sue reports are a vital part of any debt recovery case. Our investigators can compile a report to assist in your decision making, prior to costly legal action.


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