Process Serving

Process Serving

What is process serving?

Process serving is the personal delivery of legal documents and court orders.  There are many different types of documents that are required to be served, here are just a few of the main headings:

  • Statutory Demands
  • Divorce Petitions
  • Court Orders
  • Family Law Order
  • Non-Molestation Orders
  • Working Orders
  • N39 Summons to Attend Court
  • Witness Summons
  • S8 and 21 Notices


The type of documents or court orders to be served dictates both the way in which they can legally be served and what type of follow up paperwork is required to prove out effective service, this could be a specific certificate of service, witness statement or even a sworn affidavit.


Our service includes up to three visits to one address, together with a certificate of service or witness statement in the agreed price.  An affidavit sworn under oath, for use as evidence in court would incur and additional, agreed fee. A certificate of service or witness statement is not normally signed under oath however, in order to assist a successful outcome of the process and help avoid delays, they must still be completed accurately and truthfully. 


Considerations prior to appointing a process server:


Test out the professional knowledge of the process server/investigator.  Ask “what is the fallback plan if three visits to the same address does not produce effective service?”

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